Virtual Tour and Book Signing

What an exciting week, with the start of the virtual tour for Justice Delayed is Justice Denied and a book signing at the 1890 Williams House. I’m also working on my third novel as we speak! Stay tuned for more info.

Virtual Tour

The virtual tour began for my daughter Anne Howard’s and my new book, Justice Delayed is Justice Denied. There is a lot of material in the tour about how the idea for the book originated, technical help from several professionals, excerpts from the novel, and other good stuff. Links to the start of the tour are below, and I’ll post more as they’re available!

Book Teaser Trailer

Book Teaser Trailer for Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

Back Story: Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

I was a guest blogger on Blogging Authors for the back story of the new book. Head over to the site for the full story, but I’ve included an excerpt below too:

November 8, 2016 was the date that made me first think about our book, the day when Donald Trump was elected. After the topsy turvy Republican campaign and his election, I knew that he was fodder for a book; I just didn’t realize how much of a target he would be for insult and comical relief. Then, I thought it might be a clever idea to juxtapose the possibility of assassinating the president or instead, three corrupt Austin TX police detectives who my alter ego, Preston Howard, saved from a capital murder charge ten years before.

The use of a red herring seemed to work well in the development of the plot. This story is my first stab into a noir crime thriller…a very different writing experience than my first autobiographical fiction novel, The Sheltering Palms.

Book Signing

I also did a book signing along with author Ashley Fontainne at the famous 1890 Williams House in Hot Springs, AR. Check out this cool picture of the two of us on the night of the signing.

book signing
Book signing at the 1890 Williams House

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