New Release: Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

Greetings friends. Many of you have been asking when my next novel is being published. I had promised that it would be out during the summer, but between traveling and too many days on my boat in Hamilton Lake in Hot Springs, it has taken longer than anticipated. Retirement has way too many distractions!

See here it is: a crime thriller titled Justice Delayed is Justice Denied, available now from Amazon and Apple Books. It is co-authored along with my daughter Anne Howard. It can be purchased on either a Kindle or iPad for $4+ in digital form, or a hard copy for $18+

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied, out now!

My alter-ego Presto Howard has retired, now divorced, and enjoys pinot noir way too much. He obsesses about our president and also three corrupt police officers who he saved from a capital murder and possible execution. He has murder-lust on his mind; he just can’t decide whether he wants to go after the president or the three police officers. Co-author Anne Howard despairs over her father’s off-kilter behavior. A love interest spices up the novel, maybe a little R-rated, so the book should be hidden from the kiddies!

Book signing

Fellow Hot Springs author Ashley Fontainne and I will hold a book signing at the 1890 Williams House B&B in Hot Springs on November 7th. We hope to see you there!

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